What is Cocopeat

What is Cocopeat?

Cocopeat is a lightweight versatile growth medium that is derived from coconut husk. The processing starts with the fibrous coconut husk being washed, machine dried, sieved, and cleaned to remove sand and other contaminants like animal and plant residue. The completely organic and environmentally friendly cocopeat has properties of its air-filled porosity and excellent water holding capacity which makes it an ideal substitute to peat moss and rock wool.These same properties further makes it a good growing medium for plant crops which is what is it widely used for. Cocopeat has no soil-borne pathogens or weeds.The pH of Cocopeat is of about 5.7-6.5 and an EC level of 1mS/cm, making it optimal for growth of plants.

How Cocopeat is extracted

The products of the AMW Ceylon Coir has one single material which is coconut husks. Coco peat, coco chips, and coco fiber are the three commodities utilized.
The process start the moment the husks arrive at our manufacturing locations, which are further kept for at least six weeks before any further commencement. To get coco peat, the husks are beaten or decorticated to remove the fibers. Fiber removal is followed by the transfer of the cocopeat into our storage bunkers. The aging process of the coco peat is started after transferring the coco peat to storage. As the aging processes, the coco peat gets stabilized. This procedure takes at least four months. The cocopeat is sifted to eliminate any leftover fibers.

Cleaning & Purifying

Washing the coco peat after sieving, as for further processing. The elimination of potassium, sodium, and chloride as they are easily soluble in water. These processes decreases the salt content to 1.0 mS/cm using a 1:1:5 water extraction technique. Buffering the solution can be done by coco peat also. Removal of monovalent positive ions such as potassium [1+] can be achieved by injecting Calcium [2+] during the procedure. Not only are the elements soluble in water removed but also elements bonded to the complex in this manner. Our own coconut plantations are used for washing and buffering.

The final Process

The ideal growing media is obtained from the fiber that is extracted from the husks.
The growth medium’s capillary activity is increased by coco fibers that then must meet variety of stringent specifications like the thickness,EC and the length. The removal of fibers from the husks by decorticating, beating, or defibring takes place. The choosing of fibers happen according to the thickness, because the thinner the fiber the less effective they are as they tend to breakdown too quickly.