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Recognized for its major agro products such as rich Coco Peat, Coconut Husks Chips, Coir fiber, Geo Textiles and Grow bags, Amw Coir Goods Exports has been widely known since 2015 for its excellence as a coir and coco peat Manufacturer and Exporter in Sri Lanka.

The unquestionable quality of our coir and Amw products are based on the creation of products using the quality-controlled, purest coir from the land of Srilanka, known for its rich source of coir and coco peat. Deliverance of the highest quality coir and coco peat while ensuring that products are of reasonable pricing has been our goal since the beginning and we are looking forward to further nourishing our customer-service satisfaction by providing the best-sorted coir at the best price available as we value the customer requirements.

Farming and Green House

The properties of cocopeat of having millions of natural micro-sponges, continuous and uniform structure and its homogeneity enables it to hold up to eight times their own weight is excellent for its use as a growing media.


Gardening Products

This completely natural and organic spongy cellulose, is a byproduct of the extraction of coir fiber from coconut husk. It is widely used for its properties of high pore space of soil and a 10% air filled porosity making it ideal for an organic growing medium that’s commonly used in …



Coir, also known as coconut fiber, is a natural fiber derived from the husk of a coconut that is used in products such as floor mats, doormats, brushes, and mattresses. Coir is the fibrous material found between a coconut’s hard interior shell and its outer layer.


Erosion Control

Erosion management has been much paid attention to recently as well as the lookout for solutions that are diversified, dependable and suited to handle the conditions on your area. The products below are stabilizers that set a strong foundation for plants, slopes, and roadways.


Coconut food products

Nestled within the confines of your small space, our premium, coldpressed oil brings the pure essence of organic coconuts to your fingertips. Discover the multitude of benefits and endless possibilities this natural wonder offers, enhancing your well-being in the most organic way possible.



Coconut shell charcoal is used both as a deodorizer and decolorizer. The odorless and non-toxic characteristic qualities of coconut shell charcoal make it a widely used deodorizer and decolorizer in the air conditioning industry, cosmetic industry and water purification plants.


Why Choose Us

Our duty is to carefully select and handle the purest and finest materials, and our professionals manufacture and model them to ultra high standards in order to best suit the requirements of international customers and their diverse demands.




Fine material in Coco peat

Husk Chips 10mm

Husk Chips 7mm

Husk Chips 7mm

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are you in business?

We have an experienced management that has been in the industry for over 6 years and the company AMW Ceylon Coir is very well established.

I am a new grower, where do I get more details?

Contact us through Whatsapp/ Viber using the number 0777489050 or you can always send us an email to [email protected] to know further details.

How can i become your agent in my country?

This is possible once you start the business and our company processes the eligibility. Only then can you become our agent in your country.

What is the difference between coco peat and coco husk chips?

The sub product of coco fiber, which is like dusty particles are coco peat while the Coco husk chips are much larger particles than the coco peat and is produced out of coconut husk

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