About Us

We are AMW Ceylon Coir

The goal is to ensure customer satisfaction. For this, collection of the purest materials, the processing of them to perfection is used. Using years of experience and the professional build and model, our aim is to satisfy the varying requirements of the customers around the world that has entrusted us to be meet their diverse demands.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us at AMW Ceylon Coir and we strive to makesure that your happiness is professionally guaranteed.

Ceylon Coir Products was found on the principle of exporting solely AMW- based products.We now are happy to offer a wide range of AMW and coir-based products further satisfy ourdear customers.

Why Choose Us

100% Guarantee

AMW Ceylon Coir has been committed to achieving excellence in the manufacturing and expansion of high-quality Agro goods manufactured.

Dedicated Support

Whether you use our services or not, but when you call, we support our customers the most dedicated.

Reasonable Price

We assure our customers that our company has a very reasonable price, we keeping customers is our criteria.

Environmentally Friendly

We use environmental friendly companies, such as zero waste printers for all our marketing material.

Professional Team

We understand that customer satisfaction starts with dependable service. With a dedicated and dedicated team.

Quickly And Efficiently

We always work quickly, but we pairing is great quality, we know how you look forward to your garden.